November 26, 2022

After TV3 reported the wonderful news, social media couldn’t stay calm. Mabel Aku Banasseh, a well-known journalist, also published it on her official Facebook Page.

The news that a 56-year-old mother in Accra had given birth to a set of twins was heartwarming.

“This is something our Lord is capable of. May his lovely name be extolled. I’m ecstatic for this woman “The news elicited a response from Gifty Yeboah Akroma. For her incapacity to give birth, the 56-year-old woman claims she was humiliated and vilified.

Some referred to her as barren, while others falsely accused her of witchcraft. Some even accused her of doing rituals with her womb. She prayed to the Almighty God for a miracle the entire time.

God heard her prayers, and she was later confirmed to be pregnant at the age of 56. She chose to give birth in their facility to share her good news with the hospital that verified her Pregnancy.


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