September 26, 2022

MP’s must be punished over chaotic scenes.

A political scientist, John Osei Bobbie , has opened that there should be an appropriate punishment for the members of parliament (MP’s) following chaotic scenes in the chamber.

According to Mr Osei Bobbie, will deter them and their successors from misbehaving in the future, and also saying that, such an incident should be curtailed since it is a disgrace to the country.

“You cannot do whatever you like because you are an MP, if it were to be an ordinary citizen the law would’ve dealt with him/her”,  he fumed.

Though he believes the squabble that happened in the parliament on Wednesday, 1 December, 2021, was not the best, he adds it no news.

“The laws of the land should deal with accomplices who engaged in the squabble on Wednesday as it would’ve done to an ordinary citizen”.

MP’s must be punished over chaotic scenes.

”if we had done what the MP’s did in parliament at a press conference, the law would have dealt with us”. He said it on Adom Tv Big Agenda Show.

Mr Osei Bobbies comments follow the misconduct of parliamentarians over the First Deputy Speaker , Joseph Osei Owusu’s decision to dismiss a motion filed by the majority Leader, Haruna Iddrisu, on the 2022 budget.

On Tuesday, November 30, the majority together with the Deputy Speaker, who’s also the Bekwai MP, who presided over the House, approved the 2022 budget which was rejected by the Majority group on Friday.

However, the Majority Leader on Wednesday moved a motion to reserve approval but it was dismissed, leading to the squabble. The House has since rendered an apology to Ghanaian for their misconduct.


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